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Novasep is an international group with multiple R&D, engineering and manufacturing facilities all around the world.

We are more than 1400 employees, spread over 10 industrial sites based on 3 continents. We deliver services for the life sciences industries with specialized & differentiating technologies. We provide 2 services: firstly, we offer flexible contract development & manufacturing (CDMO) solutions for small molecule APIs & biopharmaceuticals to innovators. We also offer process engineering and supply of purification equipment.

Explore Novasep's sites worldwide and find out how we can address your needs through our multiple activities!





Novasep manufacturing facility in Chasse-sur-Rhöne

Chasse-sur-Rhône, France


Process development, Pilot, Large scale production. 

Expertise in combining organic chemistry with advanced purification technologies.


Novasep Chasse sur Rhône site
Route de Givors
38670 Chasse-sur-Rhône

Phone: +33 4 72 49 19 60
Fax: +33 472 49 19 73


Near Lyon, in France, our Chasse-sur-Rhône site offers best-in-class CDMO services for APIs from clinical supply to commercial manufacturing. The site has an outstanding regulatory track-record, and offers industrial chromatography, low temperature reactions, high pressure hydrogenation, ozonolysis and an extensive toolbox of classical technologies.

>>learn more about our CMO services for API and intermediates


Novasep manufacturing facility in Gosselies

Gosselies, Belgium

Process development, Custom biomanufacturing 

Novasep Belgium
16 rue Clément Ader
6041 Gosselies

Tel: +32-71/347900
Fax: +32-71/347973


With 20 years of experience in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, the site offers process development and clinical manufacturing for viral vectors, viruses and monoclonal antibodies.


 Novasep manufacturing facility in Seneffe

Seneffe, Belgium

Custom biomanufacturing, Fill & Finish

Expertise in viral vector manufacturing

Novasep Seneffe 
Rue de la Marlette n°14 
B-7180 Seneffe (Zoning C) 

Tel: 0032-71/347900 
Fax: 0032-71/347973


The site manufactures both clinical and commercial biomolecules and has recently benefitted from significant investments. 

2 years ago, Novasep unveiled a new facility, Senrise-IV, dedicated to the commercial production of viral vectors which has been completed last year by Senefill, a new commercial facility for aseptic Fill & Finish operations.

>>Discover how we can take your viral vector manufacturing to commercial scale 

>> Learn more about Senefil


Novasep manufacturing facility in Le Mans

Le Mans, France

Highly active API

Process Development

Pilot & production in HPAPIs & ADC payloads manufacturing, and ADC conjugation

Novasep Le Mans site 
Rue Démocrite  
72000 Le Mans

Phone: +33 243 39 94 40
Fax: +33 243 39 94 49


Conveniently located one hour from Paris by high-speed train, our Le Mans manufacturing site benefits from more than 30 years of experience in HPAPIs and industrial chromatography. The site brings robust processes to pharmaceutical innovators for the manufacture of HPAPIs , cytotoxics and ADCs. With a fully operational state-of-the-art facility, the site offers a full and flexible range of ADC manufacturing services with hand-run experience on different conjugation platforms.

>> Discover how we can support your clinical and commercial production of ADCs


Novasep manufacturing facility in Leverkusen

Leverkusen, Germany

Hazardous chemistry,

Process development,

Pilot & production

Expertise in hazardous chemistry

Novasep Leverkusen site
(Dynamit Nobel GmbH Explosivstoff- und Systemtechnik)
Kalkstraße 218 
51377 Leverkusen

Phone : + 49 214 357 491
Fax : + 49 214 357 435


Our custom manufacturing site in Leverkusen, located near Cologne in Germany, was founded almost 150 years ago by Alfred Nobel, and is Novasep’s center of excellence for hazardous chemistry

>> Learn more about our full range of hazardous chemistry services for APIs


IQ net ISO 9001certificate: EN Novasep Icon PDF - Novasep Icon PDF  -  GE Novasep Icon PDF

 ISO 50001 certificate GE - EN Novasep Icon PDF

cGMP certificate Novasep Icon PDF

Neighborhood information (GE) : brochure Novasep Icon PDF / supplement Novasep Icon PDF

Production Authorization_German Novasep Icon PDF

Site principles: in English or in German



Novasep Management Center in Lyon

Lyon, France

Executive Committee

& Support Functions 

Novasep Group
39, rue Saint-Jean de Dieu
69007, Lyon

Phone : +33 437 282 030


The Novasep Group's Management Center has been located in Lyon (Gerland district) since 2014.

This site hosts the members of the Executive Committee (COMEX) of the Novasep Group, as well as some support functions. It is a decision-making center focused on the implementation of the Group's strategy, open to all employees for the organization of working meetings and conducive to meetings with our business partners.

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Novasep manufacturing facility in Mourenx

Mourenx, France

Large scale production capabilities for synthetic molecules

Large scale continuous chromatography

Omega 3 purification

Novasep Mourenx site 
Avenue du Lac
64150 Mourenx

Phone: +33 559 60 79 00 
Fax: +33 559 60 79 49


Located near Pau, our Mourenx site has over 40 years of experience in large scale API manufacturing & benefits from an excellent regulatory history. In September 2019, the site was successfully inspected by the FDA with no 483s thanks to the commitment and professionalism of the team. The site is home to Novasep's largest facilities for continuous industrial chromatography. 

>> Learn more about our CDMO services for your APIs here



Novasep manufacturing and equipment facility in Pompey

Pompey, France

Process development, scale-up, engineering and manufacturing capabilities

Most versatile contract purification platform in the world for biologics and small molecules

Expertise in chromatography

Novasep Pompey site
81 Boulevard de la Moselle
Site Eiffel CS 30050
54340 Pompey – France

Phone: +33 383 49 70 00
Fax: +33 383 49 70 02


Quality policy EN Novasep Icon PDF  FR Novasep Icon PDF



Located near to Nancy, this site is Novasep's center of excellence for chromatography. With more than 25 years of experience, the site comprises 2 activities:

CDMO services involving industrial chromatography for the purification of APIs, cGMP intermediates & biomolecules from process development to commercial supply

Equipment manufacturing: From development to industrial scale, we provide a complementary range of chromatography equipment and services for purification. Modular or customized, our chromatography systems and columns fit perfectly with any process.

>> Discover our CDMO services for preparative chromatography

>> Discover our chromatography systems


Novasep engineering facility in Saint-Maurice de Beynost

Saint-Maurice de Beynost, France

Process development Pilot, Engineering 

Novasep St Maurice de Beynost site
5 chemin du Pilon
St Maurice de Beynost
01708 Miribel

Phone: +33 472 01 27 27
Fax: +33 472 25 88 99


Our site in Saint-Maurice de Beynost offers high performance technologies and cost-effective purification processes for biomass derivatives products and chemicals commodities.


Novasep R&D facility in Boothwyn

Boothwyn, USA (PA)

Operation center in the USA

Process development

Pilot, Sales office 

Novasep LLC
23 Creek Circle – Boothwyn,
PA 19061

Phone: +1 610 494 0447
Fax: +1 610 494 1988

Our Boothwyn (PA) site is the headquarters & R&D center of Novasep in the USA. This facility offers screening, process development and scale-up services for purification, using Novasep’s proprietary preparative chromatography technology such as Hipersep®. The site also provides customer service & local engineering support for Novasep's equipment & process engineering businesses

>>Learn more about our purification process development services for your APIs


Novasep R&D facility in Shanghai

Shanghai, China

Local operation center in Asia

R&D, engineering and manufacturing center

Customer services

Novasep Asia
Building No.4, Lane 1690,
Zhangheng Road,
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,
Shanghai, 201203 China

Tel: +86 21 6045 1600
Fax: +86 21 6045 1699


Headquarters of Novasep operations in Asia, the Shanghai site supports our Asian customers looking for innovative purification solutions for biopharma and industrial biotech applications. Equipped with design and engineering capacity for manufacturing purification systems in compliance with Asian and International regulations, the Shanghai site also handles the installation and implementation of systems, as well as customer service throughout Asia. In addition, thanks to its laboratory and Research & Development hall, the site offers purification process development and small-scale custom purification services. 



Novasep India Bangalore Site

Bangalore, India

Operation center in India

In partnership with Nilsan Nishotech

Novasep Process Engineering Services, PVT LTD
c/o ERAI, 22, 3rd floor, Oxford Palazzo Rustam Bagh
(behind Manipal Hospital)
Old Airport Road
560017 Bangalore
Karnataka India

Mobile phone: +(91) 900 84 77 311
Tel office: +(91) (0)80 49 69 11 00
Tel direct line: +(91) (0) 80 49 69 11 56


Our Bangalore site supports our Indian customers looking for innovative purification solutions for food, feed and industrial applications. Support includes Customer Services, on-site process development, process design and optimization.


 Operation Center In Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Operation center in Thailand

Project management. On-site process development

Novasep Thailand

3656/49-52 Green tower, 16th floor 

Rama IV Road, Klongton, Klongtoei, 10110 Bangkok

Thomas Almadori :
Cell phone : +66 (0) 90 909 5323
Soravit Chinnapan
Cell phone : +66 (0) 61 635 9444

Office Phone: +66 (0) 21 68 49 37 - ext 112



Our Bangkok site supports our South East Asia customers looking for innovative purification solutions for food, feed and industrial applications. Support includes Customer Services, on-site process development, process design and optimization.