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Your agrochemical active or intermediate, from kilograms to thousands of tons

Novasep Chemical Route OptimizationNovasep develops cost-effective and safe synthetic routes and reliably transfers chemical processes into dedicated pilot or production plants for agrochemical actives and intermediates. We are focused on addressing your needs and requirements: our experienced chemical project team is at your service and we are fully equipped with flexible assets to support your development and scale-up needs. We can produce your initial quantities from lab development to the production for your field studies for example.

The development and industrialization of an agrochemical intermediate or active represents a complex workflow. Our project managers are at your side, keeping the focus on deliverables through every step of your project in terms of quantity, quality, timelines, and cost. They ensure efficient internal coordination and guarantee a simple, transparent communication and reporting on all aspects of the project.

Novasep also operates chiral technologies, including production scale Varicol® (Novasep’s improved SMB chromatography), to address the need for switching a racemic intermediate or active to purified enantiomers at all scales. Chromatography is the faster way to produce pure isomers from kg to ton scale, to speed up field studies. The choice of chromatography or asymmetric synthesis at commercial scale then depends on the ability to recycle the non-desired isomer(s) in the process.

In addition, we also provide complementary services such as analytical method development, raw material sourcing, initial price indications, safety assessments, REACH support, registration campaigns, and more.

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