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A partnership for contract manufacturing

Novasep has a 30-year track record in manufacturing active ingredients and intermediates for leading agrochemical companies. Our experience in handling highly energetic compounds and in the production of nitrogen rich intermediates and heterocycles is outstanding and well-established. Our broad chemical expertise is both proven and challenged in day to day operations and we work hard to keep contributing and adding value to your project on an ongoing basis.

Novasep Manufacturing Agrochemicals

We offer multi-step synthesis of agrochemical intermediates and actives in volumes reaching several hundred to several thousand tons.

Our operations comply with European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines to prevent cross contamination.

We aim at establishing sustainable relations with our customers relying on continuous improvement, to access ever smarter processes utilizing reliable and optimally-priced raw materials. In order to support you along the life cycle of your product, we offer:

  • (joint) process improvement programs
  • supply chain management

Novasep’s purchasing department has great experience in organizing the most stable supply chain at the better possible pricing for raw materials to meet your specification. For this purpose, our sourcing experts, located in Europe and at our Shanghai (China) platform, manage our network of approved suppliers for superior reliability and cost.

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