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Novasep offers a full range of custom manufacturing services from development, pilot production to commercial scale manufacturing of fine chemicals.

Novasep Chemical Route Optimization

Process development

For each customer project, Novasep carries out a familiarization study to identify the robustness of the available synthesis process with the objective to adapt it to our production workshops on the site. Depending on the robustness of the initial process, the process development continues with investigations on safety studies (such as DSC, RC1), heat and mass transfer balance, kinetics, side reactions, critical parameters, etc.

Process adjustments and improvements will be done in order to ensure that each unit operation is efficient, robust and safe.

The development of new analytical methods as well as their implementation in the quality control department is also part of Novasep’s process development service.

Custom manufacturing

Novasep has a long track record in the production of fine chemicals for a large range of markets and applications for our customers. We offer multi-step synthesis from kilogram- to hundred-ton scale based on our broad chemical expertise in organic synthesis including the handling of highly energetic compounds and heterocycles. Novasep strives to add value to your project on an ongoing basis.Novasep Custom Manufacturing Workshop Reactor

Novasep’s purchasing department has great experience in organizing the most stable supply chain at the best possible pricing for raw materials to meet your specification. For this purpose, our sourcing experts, located in Europe and at our Shanghai (China) platform, manage our network of approved suppliers for optimum reliability and cost.

Contract purification

Novasep is an expert in advanced purification technologies at industrial scale. We can develop a chromatography process to purify your products and guarantee the performance and cost at full production scale from gram-scale laboratory trials. Novasep has designed a full range of chromatography equipment for large scale purification including HPLC, LPLC, SFC, batch and continuous chromatography. With this extensive range, challenging purifications can be carried out for various applications; for example: extraction of natural and synthetic products from complex mixtures, production of ultra-pure compounds for electronic chemicals applications, isolation of a fragrance isomer from its undesired enantiomer, etc..



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