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Production facilities

Novasep operates multipurpose production workshops and plants from pilot scale to commercial scale.

Novasep Manufacturing Workshop

We can deliver volumes from kilogram to thousands of tons per year.

Reactions can be operated from -60°C up to 250°C and under a pressure of up to 6 bars for hydrogenation, carbonylation and other reactions involving a gas.

Our facilities are also equipped with off-gas and waste treatment on site or mutualized within a local chemical platform for a responsible and cost-effective treatment of wastes.

Specific equipment

Novasep is a quality supplier in hazardous chemistry as well as industrial scale chromatography. We also offer a wide range of organic chemistry at large scale (coupling reactions, bromination,  azide chemistry, diborane chemistry, diazomethane chemistry, oxidation, nitration, carbonylation, CS2 chemistry, low-temperature reactions, etc.).

 Our specific equipment includes multi-purpose plants equipped to run a large range of hazardous chemistries including: azide chemistry to produce nitrogen rich compounds and a broad range of heterocycles; a gas dispersion agitator for high transfer rate in gas reactions; as well as ATEX T6 equipment for explosive gas and carbon disulfide. We are also equipped to use and produce odorous substances.

More equipment

Novasep Reactor Top ViewReactors

  • SS/GL in various sizes
  • Standard operating temperatures from -15 – 145 °C
  • Overall capacity for fine chemicals >450 m3

Specific equipment


  • Sulzer-type structured columns with up to 30 NTP
  • Fractionation columns
  • Thin-film/short-path distillation
  • Distillation up to 240°C
  • Proximity to custom solvent recycling company

Filtration and drying

  • Centrifuges (SS, Titanium, Halar, Ebonit, Hastelloy)
  • Pressure nutches, filters and filter dryers (Hastelloy, Stainless Steel)
  • Dryers in stainless steel and glass lined

Waste handling

  • On-site incineration for off gas and liquid waste treatment
  • Responsible and cost-effective waste treatment via local chemical platforms

Material handling

  • Tank farms, some specialized (e.g. for storage of NaCN in solution)
  • Bulk handling of solvents and liquid raw materials (truck/train)
  • Dry break coupling technology
  • AlCl3 storage and charging tower for Friedel Crafts Reactions
  • Special storage tanks for Br2
  • Packaging units for liquids and solids

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