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Omega-3 and other PUFAs for pharmaceutical applications

Novasep proposes cGMP manufacturing services for omega-3 and other poly-unsaturated fatty acids from pilot- to very large-scale. We have an extensive experience handling and purifying omega-3 from various biomass sources including fish oil, algae, etc.

Our product capabilities (*) include:

  • Highly purified EPA (>96%)
  • Highly purified DHA (>95%)
  • High purity EPA/DHA mixtures at any targeted ratio
  • Other fatty acids (omega 6, 7, etc.) and derivatives generated by semi-synthesis
depending on geography or products, limitations may apply.


Novasep operates the cGMP purification plant of omega-3 and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, based on Novasep’s Varicol® continuous chromatography and other proprietary single-column chromatography technologies.

Novasep Varicol Prochrom Chromatography Omega 3
Our Varicol® 5-1200mm I.D.
And 2 single-column chromatography systems of 1200 mm


Thanks to a proven project management methodology, we adapt and optimize the whole process to deliver your product at the right specifications at the right time. Our patented solvent recycling technologies enable us to recyle more than 99% of solvents, leading to a significant reduction of costs of goods. A typical example of manufacturing process:

Novasep Omega 3 EPA DHA Manufacturing Process

PRODUCTION CAPACITIESNovasep Solvent Recylcing Unit Omega 3

According to the amount of unsaturated fatty acid you would like to produce, we operate several manufacturing facilities with adapted utilities and infrastructures:

  • Pilot and moderate-scale productions from a few kilos to few tons
  • Large-scale productions from 100’s to 1000’s tons

If you are looking for greener process options, we can also propose omega-3 purification processes based on our Supersep® Supercritical Fluid Chromatography technology at pilot scale.



As we are able to comply with HACCP standards, we can also propose our contract manufacturing services to high-end food supplements and functional ingredients producers.